Writing In Dialect: How To Listen, What To Write


Writing authentic dialect is a powerful tool for playwrights. Get it right and you can add an extra layer of originality to your writing and bring depth to your characters and their world. Get it wrong and your characters will be more ‘cringe’ than credible…

During this course, you’ll pick up key tips for tuning your ears to the finer details of dialect. You’ll explore speech patterns, rhythm and slang, and consider how class affects the way people speak. You’ll look at the best way to convey the specific details of dialect in your script, whilst keeping things clear and coherent for those reading or performing it.

This course will be live from 13 November 2018


Kimberley Andrews is a playwright who has an MA in Text & Performance Studies from RADA/ Kings College London. She’s had work performed at the Birmingham Rep, Rich Mix Studios, Luton Library Theatre, The Arena Theatre, and has experience in self-producing on the London fringe. She currently works as a playwriting dissertation tutor at RADA and a freelance script consultant. As co-founder of London Playwrights’ Blog & Workshop, Kimberley is the Head of Writer Development, where she combines her passion for working with new writers with her own experience as a writer to create resources for emerging playwrights