What if writers came together to support one another making work? This was the question that inspired the founding of London Playwrights’ Blog nearly five years ago. Since then, our site has supported thousands of writers in developing their craft and building their careers.

We founded London Playwrights’ Workshop because we wanted to do more.  LPW is a non-profit company that supports writers in supporting each other. We believe that opportunities for artistic growth should be available to people regardless of background, geography, age, ethnicity, or education. Our goal is a new golden age of playwriting.  We like to dream big.

And this is only the beginning.


London Playwrights’ Workshop was Co-Founded by A.C. Smith and Kimberley Andrews, in collaboration with the team behind London Playwrights’ Blog.

LPW is run by working writers who are experiencing the joys and challenges of building a career as a playwright first hand.

Our ethos relies on people coming together work collectively, and the organisation is supported by a wide range of people donating their skills, time, and talents. Keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll spot acknowledgments of these fantastic folks on the site.


LPW offers a range of support for emerging writers. We run workshops on a variety of artistic and practical topics, offer script consulting, and in 2016 we launched the Dark Horse Festival at London Writers’ Week, with support from Arts Council England.

Our blog is at the core of our information sharing activities, and every Friday we publish our Opportunities Weekly Roundup, sharing all the open opportunities for writers in London.

Moving into our next phase of development, we’re keen to use this online home to create even more opportunities for writers online, with online courses, a digital book club, digital resources, and more to come.

Meet Our Team

A few of the folks who make LPW run

IMG_7587 copy for LPB

A.C. Smith

Director & Co-Founder

Sam Sedgman

Digital Development Consultant

Kimberley Andrews

Head of Writer Development & Co-Founder


Need to get in touch? Here’s how…

Questions about membership?  members@londonplaywrights.org

Want to send us an opportunity?  opportunities@londonplaywrightsblog.com

Want to donate to support our work?  giving@londonplaywrights.org

Something else? contact@londonplaywrights.org

We always aim to respond as soon as we can, although please bear in mind we have a very small team!