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When the sun comes out and the nights get longer, it’s easy for your writing to take a backseat – well who wants to be cooped up behind their laptop when they could be out enjoying some rare British sunshine? So, to help you keep up the writing momentum, we’ll be bringing you a series of online mini-workshops throughout August: they’ll be short, fun and help keep you inspired during the summer lull (and will also keep you occupied on those inevitable rainy days!)

Summer Session 1: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Published: Friday 3 August 2018

The sun is shining, the park (or pub!) is calling and every time you look at your laptop screen you see a terrifying empty void. Sound familiar? Then don’t miss this selection of tips and exercises to help you to overcome writers’ block and boost your creativity!

Summer Session 2: How to write a monologue

Published: Friday 17 August 2018 

We’ve all seen the competitions asking for monologues but how do you know what to submit? In this session, we’ll explore what makes a great monologue, work through some inspirational exercises and get you writing some submission worthy speeches this summer!

Summer Session 3: Promoting yourself as a writer

Published: Friday 31 August 2018

Before you go all ‘back-to-school’ and start prepping that big Autumn project, why not spend a bit of time thinking about how to get yourself noticed as a writer? In this session, we’ll look at the nitty gritty of self-promotion from writing brilliant bios to what not to say on application forms.

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Kimberley Andrews is a playwright who has an MA in Text & Performance Studies from RADA/ Kings College London. She’s had work performed at the Birmingham Rep, Rich Mix Studios, Luton Library Theatre, The Arena Theatre, and has experience in self-producing on the London fringe. She currently works as a playwriting dissertation tutor at RADA and a freelance script consultant. As co-founder of London Playwrights’ Blog & Workshop, Kimberley is the Head of Writer Development, where she combines her passion for working with new writers with her own experience as a writer to create resources for emerging playwrights


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