Member Productions

If you have a production coming up that you would like to promote to other members, email us the details to and we’ll plug it for you here! Don’t forget to include a link to book tickets and promo image or flyer!  


Bed 13 by Marcia Kelson

Where: OSO Arts Centre, OSO Arts Centre, SW13 0LF
When:  Tue 16th July 2019 – Fri 19th July 2019
Description: The NHS has a funding crisis, A&E is full and ambulances are queueing up outside. This new play, brought to you by the Putney Theatre Company, uses theatre and song to tell the sometimes heart-warming, sometimes heart-rending stories of the occupants of the overflow ward’s Bed 13 and their clinicians.
Long-listed for the Papatango prize, this not-to-be missed play is part comedy, part serious social commentary, and explores some of the challenges facing one of UKs                                                            best-loved institutions.

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The Sleepwalkers by Annie Fox

Where: The Space. 269 Westferry Road, London E14 3RS

When: Thursday 1st August, 7pm 

Description: One of four scripts selected for Script Space, The Sleepwalkers is set during the twenty-four hours before a university graduation, The Sleepwalkers is a highly charged depiction of sexual politics, the cost of past decisions and the impossibility of ever being right.

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Regretxit by Matthew Cleverly

Image may contain: 1 person, close-up and textWhere:  Etcetera Theatre
When: 9-11th of August for this year’s Camden Fringe.
Description: Regretxit at heart is a love story. When Ukrainian sex hunk, Artem, thrusts his way into my life, my past political indifference catches up to me. Britain and Europe’s relationship is hanging by a thread, and Artem might end up as collateral.This one man show explores Brexit, bisexuality and irrepressible fantasies through story-telling, lip-syncing, poetry and speed performance.

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