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If you have a production coming up that you would like to promote to other members, email us the details to and we’ll plug it for you here! Don’t forget to include a link to book tickets and promo image or flyer!  


Autumn Leaves Them Laughing By Henry Dawe

When: 28 November 2019

Location: London, Venue to be disclosed upon booking

Details: Download e-flyer here: Henry Dawe (Autumn Leaves Them Laughing)

Don’t Send Flowers by Emily Garside (Rehearsed reading)

Where: The Drayton Arms

When: 1.30pm Friday 15th November 2019

Description: Following a successful run in Cardiff, Wolverhampton and Oldham this year, Emily Garside is working with a new team to bring Don’t Send Flowers to London in 2020.

Director Adam Sabbatti and Emily would like to invite LPW members to this reading to gather feedback on their reworked version of the play ahead of an anticipated full production in 2020.

Mateo Oxley, Julia Kellet and Greg Smith will be reading the play and would  like to invite you to a post-show discussion and feedback session in the bar of the Drayton Arms.

Described as ‘an insightful and sensitive look at the subject of death, cancer and love’ (Buzz Magazine)

Grace is in therapy because her Father is dying and she’s not handling it very well. John is in therapy because he’s dying, and also not handling it too well. Louis is in therapy because his work told him he has to be, and because his brother is dying. None of them want to talk to a stranger about the fact this doesn’t make them happy. So, they strike up a friendship with each other. Largely dysfunctional from the outside, it turns out to be exactly what they all need.

Please RSVP as space is limited to

The Drayton Arms Theatre, 153 Old Brompton Rd, Kensington, London SW5 0LJ

Bed 13 by Marcia Kelson

Where: OSO Arts Centre, OSO Arts Centre, SW13 0LF
When:  Tue 16th July 2019 – Fri 19th July 2019
Description: The NHS has a funding crisis, A&E is full and ambulances are queueing up outside. This new play, brought to you by the Putney Theatre Company, uses theatre and song to tell the sometimes heart-warming, sometimes heart-rending stories of the occupants of the overflow ward’s Bed 13 and their clinicians.
Long-listed for the Papatango prize, this not-to-be missed play is part comedy, part serious social commentary, and explores some of the challenges facing one of UKs                                                            best-loved institutions.

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The Sleepwalkers by Annie Fox

Where: The Space. 269 Westferry Road, London E14 3RS

When: Thursday 1st August, 7pm 

Description: One of four scripts selected for Script Space, The Sleepwalkers is set during the twenty-four hours before a university graduation, The Sleepwalkers is a highly charged depiction of sexual politics, the cost of past decisions and the impossibility of ever being right.

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Regretxit by Matthew Cleverly

Image may contain: 1 person, close-up and textWhere:  Etcetera Theatre
When: 9-11th of August for this year’s Camden Fringe.
Description: Regretxit at heart is a love story. When Ukrainian sex hunk, Artem, thrusts his way into my life, my past political indifference catches up to me. Britain and Europe’s relationship is hanging by a thread, and Artem might end up as collateral.This one man show explores Brexit, bisexuality and irrepressible fantasies through story-telling, lip-syncing, poetry and speed performance.

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