Learn with London Playwrights

A series of mini-podcasts, resources, and workshops covering theatre basics, key texts and more.

Want to find out more about your favourite musical? Fancy a discussion on Fleabag? Or want to brush up on Brecht? Learn with London Playwrights is for everyone! Maybe your background isn’t in theatre and you want to know more about those ‘classics’ people rave about. Or maybe you’re obsessed with a particular play and want to get nerdy about it. Whatever your passion, aim, or level of experience, you’re welcome to dig in and find something that interests you. We’ll be adding to this series as we go along, eventually building it into a compendium of theatre and playwriting knowledge – so keep coming back to find out what we’ve got on offer.

Key People

Theatre Styles

Theatre History

Musical Theatre

Classic & Classic Modern Plays

Contemporary Plays (post 2010)

Playwriting & Industry advice