#WrAP2021 Emails

Click on the links to access #WrAP2021 emails which were sent out throughout January 2021 to help inspire you to write a first draft of a play from start to finish! Day 1: https://mailchi.mp/1d46988b7207/wrap2021day1 Day 2: https://mailchi.mp/d5d53a59322f/wrap2021day2 Day 3: https://mailchi.mp/7af1e13a6572/so-what-medium-are-you-really-writing-for Day 4: https://mailchi.mp/2b1251cb5883/its-time-to-ask-the-real-questions Day 5: https://mailchi.mp/be9ada134581/wrap2021day5 Day 6: https://mailchi.mp/395d23a4bdb1/wrap2021day6 Day 7:https://mailchi.mp/fdaedb5b3f08/wrap2021day7 Day 8: https://mailchi.mp/a6553fa96d1f/lets-get-scribbling Day 9: https://mailchi.mp/20942984d6b4/wrap2021-day-9-writers-block-exercises-week-1 Day 10: https://mailchi.mp/4be6b85e4806/wrap2021day7-6472396 Day 11: https://mailchi.mp/cdee7611b9c5/time-for-some-more-questions-to-play-with Day 12; https://mailchi.mp/116a22bdc07b/wrap2021day12 …

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LPW Play Club #4 – Barbershop Chronicles by Inua Ellams

Here we go again, it’s Play Club number 4! In response to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag last month, we received some fantastic entries for the third Play Club which included a brilliant mix of humour, dark comedy and family relationships. It was very difficult to choose a piece for the reading, but we managed to make our selection …

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