The Self-Producing Handbook – Available now

Our next fantastic resource for LPW members is  now available!

The Self-Producing Handbook

One of our core values is to empower emerging writers – to write, to find opportunities, and to get their work seen.  We know how hard the submissions process can be: sending your work to theatres can feel like firing out emails into the abyss, and when you finally get that long awaited response, it’s more often than not a rejection. We’re not suggesting for one second that you give up on this process, after all, many writers do find success this way (and you’ve got to be in it to win it, right?), however, we also think there are other ways to find playwriting success which are well worth exploring – such as producing your work yourself.

It might seem daunting to suddenly declare yourself a theatre producer if you have no experience in actually doing any producing but we’re here to tell you that it totally can be done! We know, because all of us on the LPW team have been there and done it – and we all definitely consider ourselves as playwrights before producers! With this in mind, we wanted our next members’ resource to inspire, guide and empower you to produce your own work.

The Self-Producing Handbook

The downloadable handbook will take you through the process of producing your own show, from deciding what kind of project to start with (whether it be a scratch night or longer run), to figuring out budgets and fundraising, to marketing your show and getting people to come and see it.

It’s jam-packed top tips, guidance and room to make your own lists and notes. We’ve designed it to support you from start to finish in your own producing project – and to help make every aspect of it manageable and accessible (we won’t say easy, because we’ll admit that self-producing does take a lot of hard work!)

How to get it

The handbook is available for our members to NOW. Simply login, head to the resources menu, where you’ll find the link to download it.

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