The Re-drafting Toolkit

The Re-drafting Toolkit


Hopefully, through the last session, you were able to get your structure sorted. It’s now really good time to check in with your characters and make sure they’re serving your play as they should.

Your characters are the vehicle for your story. They need to be brilliant, to spark empathy, but most of all, they need to be necessary.

Before you start developing your characters further, it’s a really good idea to check whether they’re needed in the play at all!

In this session, you’ll find a fun quiz which will help you figure out if there are any characters you could cut from your play (!) plus a couple of exercises to help you further develop the characters you decide to keep.

Once you’ve worked through the exercises, you’ll find you need to edit some of your scenes to reflect the things you’ve discovered and the changes you’ve made – in this respect, taking a closer look at your characters can help you gain a fresh perspective on editing your work.

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7 thoughts on “The Re-drafting Toolkit”

  1. I hope this course will stay around for a while. Time is limited but I have a play I long to re-draft!

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Alison, we’ll be keeping this online for the foreseeable future so you have plenty of time!

      Best of luck with the redraft!

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