The Re-drafting Toolkit

The Re-drafting Toolkit

5 Things to do before you start re-drafting

Re-drafting your play can seem like (and often is!) a real challenge so approaching it with a bit of a prep behind you can make your life much easier…

In the first session of this course, Kimberley Andrews talks you through the five things you should do to get yourself ready for re-drafting. These tips are designed to help you stay motivated and get on with the business of re-writing without getting bogged down with elaborate planning.

Spend this first week getting your prep done and you’ll soon be ready to start editing like a pro!

Top tip: Don’t be tempted to skip this stage in favour of jumping straight into editing your script; without a focus, you can end up tinkering with the small stuff, rather than making the big changes your story might need – and re-drafting will end up taking much longer.


1 thought on “5 Things to do before you start re-drafting”

  1. Virginia Rose

    Thank you – excellent advice – particularly to read as a stranger – and to bear in mind what your play is about and why you need to write it.

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7 thoughts on “The Re-drafting Toolkit”

  1. I hope this course will stay around for a while. Time is limited but I have a play I long to re-draft!

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Alison, we’ll be keeping this online for the foreseeable future so you have plenty of time!

      Best of luck with the redraft!

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